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What is Sunbird coKreat?

Sunbird coKreat is a building block that allows sourcing of various digital assets required for learning, capacity building, or professional development solutions. The solutions are applicable in multiple domains such as education, healthcare, and many more.

Here are examples of solutions that can be enabled through Sunbird coKreat:

a) Crowdsourcing videos to create a content repository in multiple languages. E.g. An online library of math lectures in multiple languages for Grade 10 students, repository of how-to videos for blue-collar professionals.

b) Crowdsourcing content to create a repository of collections. E.g A library of ICT courses with crowdsourced content.

c) Create repository of content and collections using in-house creators.

What does Sunbird coKreat offer?

Sunbird coKreat offers embeddable tools and microservices that enable the following capabilities:

  • Asset Sourcing - Web portal to source, crowdsource and curate digital assets required for learning needs.

  • Rich and Diverse Assets - Enable a variety of learning experiences such as simulations, explanation, e-books, games, virtual labs, AR/VR experiences using multiple formats - html, videos, h5p, pdf, audios and ePub.

  • Organised Collections - Organise your assets into various categories such as playlists, courses, textbooks, web-series, episodes etc.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management - Microservices to manage the asset creation, curation and publish lifecycle.

  • User Engagement - User account creation, login and user profile.

  • Question Bank - Set up and use question bank for various use cases such as practice, assessment, quiz, worksheet, survey, observations and others Pluggable Question Set Editor and Player which can be embedded in applications

  • Observability - Make meaning of the user's actions, generate reports & dashboards, and derive insights by leveraging telemetry data.


DIKSHA by NCERT, Ministry of Education, India

Vidyadaan is a government program launched by DIKSHA (India’s national education platform), that invites contributions of e-learning resources from across the country.

Key metrics (as of Dec 20, 2021)

Number of assets sourced: 1,93,871

Number of contributors: 11,105


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