Learning Asset

An object that can be created and targeted to a group of users who can consume it in appropriate context of learning. This can be an individual object such as a worksheet, explanation content, course assessment that can be consumed, or it can be a collection of objects such as a Digital Textbook, Course etc.

Sourcing Organization

Organization that sources learning assets for their needs and publishes it for consumption. “Sourcing” of content includes all supply-side processes and management of learning assets, such as - creating, reviewing, assembling, modifying, publishing of any learning asset. Learning assets can be created in-house or sourced from external organization.


Any organization or individual who creates and contributes learning assets that can be used by a sourcing organization for publishing and consumption.

Note: a contributor can contribute learning assets to multiple sourcing organizations.


A reviewer is an individual who reviews learning assets and approves/rejects/send back for corrections. Reviewer can belong to a contributing organization or a sourcing organization.

Sourcing Project

A sourcing project encapsulates a set of sourcing activities, typically for a set of common needs, and have an associated schedule to it.


This is an internal representation (tech design) of a learning asset. Any learning asset is internally defined and stored as an object. An object type is defined by generalizing a set of attributes and behaviour.


Category is an external representation of a learning asset that is defined based on specific domain/solution.

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