Release Notes


v6.0.0 -> Angular upgrade of coKreat portal from 11-14 is done in this release.

v6.0.1 -> This release majorly highlights the CSP changes and angular upgrades. coKreat is now cloud agnostic; it will run seamlessly on any cloud service.

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Enhancements / Technical Tasks

  1. coKreat is now cloud-agnostic (co-514)


From this release, coKreat proudly supports cloud agnosticity, allowing you to deploy and run the platform seamlessly across various cloud providers. This means you have the freedom to choose the cloud environment that best suits your organization's needs, whether it's AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or others.

For more details on the node services, backend services, and file upload plugins, refer CSP changes

  1. Angular Upgrades


Angular migration is completed for coKreat from v11 to v14

  1. Removing unused and redundant code


Some time of the release was planned to remove unused and redundant code from coKreat and make the code more reusable and readable

  1. Reduce spacing in the table in print preview (co-316) : Prashnavali

  2. The basic details at the top of the paper and the Options lables for MCQ questions (क), ख), ग), घ) should be in Hindi, when medium of instruction is chosen as Hindi (co-229) : Prashnavali

  3. Increasing test coverage percentage


Test coverage percentage is now 38%

  1. Postman collection for Object Categories and category definitions

  2. Architecture and component diagrams for coKreat and updating same in the micro-site

  3. Architecture diagram, Data models and APIs for Contribution Service and updating same in the micro-site

Bug Fixes

  1. Program-service: Cert issue to access dev sunbird endpoint (co-441)

  2. The program publish api is failing when copying the collection from Ed portal to cokreat (co-452)

coKreat Build Tags

Build Tags for other dependant BBs

The build tags used by the below building blocks for this release to upgrade coKreat are:

Sunbird ED

Sunbird Lern

Sunbird Obsrv

Sunbird Knowlg

Sunbird Inquiry

Release Notes: Dependent building blocks

Sunbird-Knowlg: v 5.5.0

Sunbird-Obsrv: v 5.1.0

Sunbird-Lern: v 5.3.0

Note: Only PII changes are taken in this release. RC migration is planned for future releases.

Sunbird-inQuiry: v 5.7.0

Note: Question set editor is not integrated, planned for future releases.

Sunbird-CoKreat: v 5.2.0

Configuration / Environment Variables Changes

This section provides a list of environment variables with their default values and descriptions required to run either the coKreat portal To change the default behaviour, modify the variable value based on your requirements.

Migration scripts:

Please refer below documents for CSP migration for coKreat

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