Observability in coKreat is enabled by using the capabilities of Sunbird Obsrv building block.

Sunbird Obsrv is a combination of various tools which provide the capabilities such as streaming, processing and storage of telemetry data and deriving reporting insights from the data. Key capabilities offered by Sunbird Obsrv are:

a) Observe What Matters: Derive insights to understand user behaviour and preferences, improve products, etc. by capturing user interaction & system data according to flexible specifications defined by you.

b) Seamless Data Transfer: Stream and store the telemetry data efficiently using an out-of-the-box design that decouples data generation systems from the data processing systems.

c) Scalable Data Processing: Perform real-time data processing i.e. cleaning & transforming according to reporting needs, with addition of metadata of various entities such as user, device and content.

d) Readymade Key Metrics: Derive insights quickly, from pre-defined summary metrics such as time spent in a session, time spent on a content etc.

e) Easy Reporting and Querying: perform advanced analytics & reporting in near real-time by running queries on both the telemetry data and summarized data that is loaded into an analytics data store.

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