Managing Sourcing Projects

After the projects are created by the sourcing organization admin, the complete life cycle of the projects namely - nominations, approval of the nominations, contributions and approval of the contributions has to be managed properly for the success of the project.

Managing Nominations

The process for org admins to accept the nominations to contribute is shown below:

Step1 : Login to the sourcing portal as source admin and click on "Open" to open the project.

Step2 : Click on the "Nominations" tab and click "Open" to view more details about the nomination.

Step3 : View the sample content and click on 'Accept' to accept the nomination and 'Reject' to reject the nomination. All approved nominations will have their status as 'Approved'.

Managing Users

Every project that is launched by the sourcing organization needs users who are competent to review, approve or reject contributions received for the project.

For example, if a sourcing organization launched a set of projects to seek content for a program. Each project will need a set of reviewers to review the contributions made, and either approve or reject them. Reviewers may not necessarily be part of the sourcing organization. The organization has the choice to involve experts to ensure quality content.

Sourcing organization administrators can:

a) enrol users to a project

b) assign users with appropriate roles for the sourcing projects that they manage

User Roles

The sourcing organization has two types of users:

a) Administrator

b) Reviewer


Role definition: A sourcing organization administrator manages and tracks projects, users and nominations for the entire organization.


  • Manage projects

  • Manage users

  • Review nominations

  • Review contributions

  • Manage and track project and organization activities


Role definition: A reviewer reviews nominations and contributions for a project. A user is a reviewer for the sourcing project to which he/she is associated. A user may be assigned as a reviewer to multiple projects.


  • Review nominations

  • Review contributions

How is the role assigned?

The sourcing org administrator invites the user to be part of the organization. If the user is not already registered, the user registers and becomes part of the organization by accepting the invitation. The sourcing org admin assigns the user the reviewer role for the associated project

Note: Users can be invited to and can be part of multiple sourcing organizations. Users can be assigned as reviewers to multiple projects.

Managing Contributions

Sourcing org administrator has access to the contribution dashboard, at the level of the project, which provides a view of count of contributions by users and in what stage they are currently in. Administrators can also download this information in a csv format. Thereby allowing them to effectively manage the contributions.

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