Creation of Sourcing Projects

Sourcing projects (also referred as projects in this microsite) are created by an organization admin to seek contributions. Projects are entirely purpose driven. For example, a project to source:

a) Content for a collection such as a course or a textbook.


b) Content for question set such as assessments, surveys etc


c) Content for creating a repository of videos

How to create a project?

Step1: Click on 'Create New Project'. Only organization admin role can create projects.

Step2: Choose the purpose of the project.


a) Choose the sourcing type for this project by selecting one of the options in 'How do you want to get contributions for this project'

b) If you choose contributions from a selected set of contributors, all these contributions will need to be reviewed by both the contributing organization admin and then sourcing organization admin. If this two level review is not needed then select 'Skip two-level review'

c) Nomination end date: This is the date till when nominations to contribute content for the project are allowed.

d) Nomination shortlisting date: This is the date by when the organization admin has to shortlist the nominations.

e) Contribution end date: This is the last date for shortlisted nominations to contribute their content.

f) Project end date: This is when the project ends.

Note: All these dates can be modified only if the dates are in future.

Step4: In the 'Project Scope' tab, one can define the scope of the project. The scope will include defining what type of content one can contribute, for which target collection against a specific framework and the guidelines for the same.

The below screen shot is for a project in the education domain which is defined to seek 'explanation content' for a 'Digital Textbook' belonging to CBSE framework - CBSE board, Medium, Class & Subject etc.

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