Rich & Diverse Assets

Below are the key capabilities of Sunbird Assets:

  • Enables you to define your own domain specific assets and their properties using configurable and extensible attributes.

Below assets are currently defined in Sunbird. You can define new assets basis your needs.

a) Content - This asset allows you to create a variety of content enabling you to deliver rich learning experiences.

b) Collections - click here to know more about this asset type

e) Media Resources - This asset type comprises of lowest level of reusable assets such as images, video, audio files etc

  • Enables creation of categories to cater to domain specific solutions through configuration without any code changes.

Unlike an Asset, which is a core entity of the system, a category is just a “label” tagged to an object and can be defined to inherit a specific set of properties and behaviors - which are a subset of those supported by the asset.

Hence, categories are completely driven by configuration, without any category specific logic implemented in the code.

Example from education - Exam Question paper, Practice Worksheet, Quiz each one is a category of the asset type Question set. Analogous example from the real-world - A Shoe, Sandal, Flip-flops each one is a category of the asset type foot wear.

  • Provides rich and customizable tagging frameworks to efficiently organize your assets and help users discover relevant assets.

  • Provides tools such as editors and players to create and consume these assets.

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