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Organised Collections


Collections are a multi-level hierarchical set of assets -content, question sets or even other collections.
The key capabilities of Collections are:
  • Ability to create various categories of collections as per your solution or specific to your domain needs.
  • Provides you the ability to organize your assets in a multi-level hierarchy. Each level of hierarchy can have one or more folders to group the assets.
  • Ability to link one or more assets (of any type defined in the asset model) under a given folder. The type of assets that can be linked at a given level is configuration driven.
  • Ability to tag metadata at all levels to ensure efficient organization of collections and to facilitate ease of discovery:
    a) The collection (root) level
    b) Folder level and
    c) As part of asset to collection relation
  • Ability for 'Deep copy' & 'Shallow copy' of collections.
    A “deep” copy of a collection copies the complete hierarchy and the asset links, the assets themselves are not copied.
    A “shallow” copy of a collection just copies the root and points to the same hierarchy of original collection.
  • Ability to create and edit collections using the 'Collection editor' tool.
  • Ability to link DIAL codes to a collection to power phygital discovery of collections.
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